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Sustainable Glocal Innovation Human Resources Development Project Utilizing COIL

Intercultural collaborative learning / Quality assurance / Sustainable society / Entrepreneurship / Innovation / Global / Glocal / High school cooperation

With the aim of developing human resources who can propose specific solutions that contribute to solving problems unique to island regions, this project is composed of the four pillars of “entrepreneurship,” quality assurance,” “sustainable problem solving,” and “international co-learning.” The project positions entrepreneurship— the acquisition of the ability to give back to society—as its ultimate goal. The project provides clarified output through “quality assurance,” “sustainable problem solving,” and “international co-education”, which have been implemented by the University through other projects for the expansion of its global capabilities.


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Notes Regarding Collaboration/Participation

・Complete implementation of global and glocal educational programs based on international collaborative learning, seeking to conduct collaboration as well as the sharing of common expertise with proposed partner institutions

・Carrying out of quality assessment based on global standards, seeking to conduct collaboration as well as the sharing of common expertise with potential partner institutions

Project Website

University of The Ryukyus “Inter-University Exchange Project”
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International Collaboration Section,
University of the Ryukyus