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Kansai University(JIGE)

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JIGE(Japan hub for Innovative Global Education): Education for Society 5.0 Leaders

Society 5.0 Future skills COIL Virtual Exchange

This project is to develop “Society 5.0 human resources” generated by the Blended Mobility Project (BMX), which organically integrates digitalized and online education with study abroad activities. Blended Mobility (BM) refers to “an approach to education that combines online teaching materials and online interaction opportunities with traditional location-based teaching methods. This project is designed to shift the paradigm in the field of international education. “BMX (Blended Mobility Projects)” is a project that aims to change the paradigm in the field of international education, and is being carried out in collaboration with three partner universities (Kansai University, Chiba University, and Tohoku University) and their overseas counterparts to create a Multilateral COIL/VE (hereinafter referred to as “Atelier MCP (Multilateral COIL Project)”). The three partner universities and their overseas counterparts will work together to develop a total of five (at present) Multilateral COIL/VE subjects (hereinafter referred to as “Atelier MCP (Multilateral COIL Project)”). In any of the courses, in addition to students affiliated with the three universities, students who wish to participate from the project’s overseas counterpart universities can register and participate, bringing together students with diverse backgrounds from Japan and abroad to study together. Each theme will be presented in the “Theme Room (Atelier)” in the “Atelier of Learning. Each theme will be set up as an “Atelier Room” in the “Atelier of Learning”.


Notes Regarding Collaboration/Participation

The use of ICT is an essential element for collaboration among three universities located far from each other in Tokyo (Chiba), Osaka, and Sendai. The collaboration will be promoted by leveraging the strengths of each university: Kansai University’s knowledge of COIL/VE, Tohoku University’s know-how of international co-curricular activities, and Chiba University’s abundant experience in educational curriculum related to design thinking.

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Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE),
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