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Cooperation and deployment of global PBL for innovation creation
(sharing of methods and joint implementation)

Global PBL / Arts and Sciences Integration / Interdisciplinary program / Sharing and joint implementation of PBL methods / Global alliance / Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration / GTI consortium / Project management

We will share with other universities the practical methods of “Global PBL,” a workshop-type program conducted jointly with overseas partner universities for the purpose of acquiring specialized knowledge and project promotion skills. By accumulating and sharing various practical examples from each university, we will provide hints for improving and refining individual programs. In addition, by involving many universities, we will create interdisciplinary programs that aim to solve social problems beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines and stimulate exchanges among faculty members.


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Notes Regarding Collaboration/Participation

Global PBL at Shibaura Institute of Technology is open to students from other universities, and we have had participation from several universities (including humanities).
Even if your university does not currently offer Global PBL, we hope that you will feel free to participate.

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