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Promotion of Joint Degree Programs (JDP) That Contribute to the Internationalization of University Education in Japan
Promotion by Interuniversity JDP Council of Japan

Establishment of Interuniversity JDP Council of Japan / Increased number of universities participating in JDP / Sharing and solving of JDP issues / Efficient and effective operation of JDP / Support for establishment of JDP / Promotion of internationalization at universities

This project aims to establish “Interuniversity JDP Council of Japan”, a gathering of all universities throughout Japan implmenting Joint Degree Programs (JDP). In addition to addressing issues related to JDP, the Council will review and share information on JDP promotion measures and the Programs’ future prospects. The Council also provides advice to universities that are considering the establishment of JDP. The establishment of “Interuniversity JDP Council of Japan” is expected to contribute to implementing Japan’s international exchange policies and accelerating the nationwide expansion of universities with JDP.


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Notes Regarding Collaboration/Participation

In order to recruit a wide range of participating universities for the establishment of Interuniversity JDP Council of Japan, we will confirm in writing the intention to participate not only with universities with JDPs but also with universities nationwide that are interested in establishing JDPs in the future.

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