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東洋大学『2022年度春学期 日本語STEP UP講座』受講生募集

東洋大学では現在、『2022年度春学期 日本語STEP UP講座』の受講生を募集中です。



SG-1 初級会話SG-2 日本語コミュニケーションSG-3 スピーチ&ディスカション入門
SG-5 スピーチ&ディスカッション上級
SG-6 敬語トレーニングⅠ
SG-7 実践就活日本語
SG-8 上級ビジネスコミュニケーション
SG-10 N3(文法・語彙)
SG-11 N2対策(文法)
SG-12 N2対策(読解・聴解)
SG-13 N1対策(言語知識・読解)
SG-14 みんなの文法
SG-15 話そう・伝わる日本語Ⅰ


■開講期間: 2022年5月9日(月)~7月15日(金)
■受講申込受付期間: 2022年4月1日(金)~4月24日(日)
■受講料:8,000円/ 1コース※一人2コースまで申込可


Announcement: 2022 Spring Semester Japanese Extracurricular Program application

This is the Toyo University Japanese Program Support Office. 
We are happy to inform you about our Japanese Programs offer from Toyo University. 
We are now starting to apply for the Japanese STEP UP Program for international people.
【JV- Campus Site】https://www.jv-campus.org/links/59622/
【Toyo University Site】https://www.tugs.co.jp/information/2022spring_stepup_out/
We will have 13 courses in total from Beginner to Advanced level.
Also, the class will be held less than 10 students so the student can learn Japanese efficiently.

SG-1 Conversation for beginner
SG-2 Communication in Japanese
SG-3 Speech & Discussion Primer
SG-5 Speech & Discussion Advanced

SG-6 Honorific Training Ⅰ
SG-7 Practical Job Hunting Japanese
SG-8 Advanced Business Communication

SG-10 N3 Preparation(Grammar/ Vocabulary)
SG-11 N2 Preparation(Grammar)
SG-12 N2 Preparation (Reading/Listening)
SG-13 N1 Preparation (Language Knowledge/Reading)
SG-14 Grammar for everyone
SG-15 Speak Confident Japanese Ⅰ
*Please confirm the details and level of each course on the website or attached flyer.

■Course Period:Monday, 9th May to Friday, 15th July, 2022 *Depends on the course
■Application Period: Friday, 1st to Sunday, 24th April, 2022
■Number of Lessons :10 times in total (Once a week ×10 weeks)
■Course Fee:8,000yen/ Course *Application up to 2 courses
■Tools to use:Zoom or Webex
Some courses are designing joint classes with international students from Toyo University.
This course is recommended not only for learning Japanese but also for those who want to enjoy interacting with Toyo University students.

We are looking forward to the applications from many people studying Japanese.

東洋大学日本語講座 / Toyo University Japanese Program
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